There has been a huge influx of dash cam footage bombarding our news feeds across social media platforms, mostly naming and shaming bad drivers, road rage, drivers multitasking or just being silly.


While officials would prefer that these videos are not shared on social media and YouTube due to online abuse – by seeing the amount of information captured, shouldn’t the government make it mandatory that all drivers should have dash cams?


How can Dash Cams benefit the driving community –


  • Fraud Protection – by having video footage of an accident that was caused by someone else who is blaming you, or if you are a victim of a cash for crash scam, you will have evidence that will protect you and your no claims bonus saving you time, stress and money
  • The Cost of Insurance – Some of the leading insures like Axa are offering discounts on car insurance of 10-12.5%.
  • Better Driving – Dash Cams are becoming more common. More people are getting caught on video driving dangerously or illegally using mobile phones. Could these situations become less common for fear of getting filmed?


With these points highlighted, could our roads become a safer place to drive with dash cams keeping the majority of motorists more focused on driving.


Having cameras in every car on the road seems autocratic and perhaps very ‘Big Brother’. Do we really need to have the world of drivers watching each other and keeping each other in line, or even daring each other to step out of it just for Facebook Famous posts?


Who knows what the outcome will be, but surely having another set of eyes on your car while driving will help road users feel more confident when it comes to cash for crash and fraudulent claims, and create better driving conditions for all.