The most common of frauds – dishonest motor claims – and what must surely be the most dangerous.


With 70,000 fraudulent claims detected in 2015, amounting to the value of £800 million, how much of those paid claims resulted in higher insurance premiums, illness, injury or death to the innocent party?


How long will dishonest motor claims be profitable to criminals if precautions aren’t being put in place. Premiums are rising due to false claims, and cash for crash scams and desperate criminals are taking more devious methods as insurance companies become familiar with deceitful ploys.


There was an obvious rise in dishonest liability claims in 2015, for instance ‘slip and trip’ – from 26,900 claims, the rise has reached 36,584 – their value, £391 million.


Could the rise in liability claims be due to the government’s decision to reduce insurance legal costs for road traffic accidents and the clamp down on whiplash claims? And wouldn’t this be another injustice to innocent drivers and honest, essential insurance claims?


The insurance industry’s continued crackdown on insurance fraud includes tougher penalties, including prison, but is that enough… The total number of fraudulent insurance claims detected in 2015 were 70,000, worth £25 million every week. But how much is that pushing up insurance premiums to find out what happened and why, court and legal costs, to get that final guilty verdict.


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