The RAC’s Annual Report on Motoring has just been launched and it makes interesting reading for any UK motorist.

The report follows a study of the beliefs of nearly 2,000 British road users. They were asked to rate their current driving concerns and the current cost of motoring.

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One of the key outcomes of the report was that more than half of us think that congestion on major roads is now worse. The main reason for that was cited as roadworks. There are currently 30 ‘major’ roadworks schemes taking place on motorways. With some of those overrunning by up to nine months it’s not surprising drivers are frustrated.

There is relief on the way however with the speed limit through roadworks set to be increased to 60mph. Apparently we’re less stressed driving at 60 as we can accelerate away from intimidating HGVs. We also feel less need to keep checking the speedometer.

Other factors that have increased congestion were said to be selfish middle lane hoggers and lorries overtaking each other.

Driving concerns

The number one concern for motorists is the behaviour of other drivers. Specifically those drivers who use their phone when driving. While there is evidence that the number of drivers calling, texting or using the internet is decreasing it’s still too commonly seen on the roads. While running an app like 4Sight or maps is fine you should always set up before you set off and the phone should remain in its mount.

The next biggest worry is the condition of local roads which can lead to damage of cars or accidents. Cost of fuel, congestion and drivers without tax or insurance also worry UK drivers.

The cost of motoring

Most of us have felt the squeeze recently which could be one of the reasons that new car sales have slumped this year.

According to those surveyed, most people saw insurance costs increase in the last year while nearly half said maintenance bills were now more expensive. Meanwhile fuel costs have snuck up in the last 18 months. Overall, 24% of motorists say they have reduced their vehicle use in the last 12 months.

Environmental concerns

The impact of motoring on the environment is low on the list of worries with only 9% putting it in their top four. Despite the amount of media coverage about cars and pollution the number of those concerned about local air quality is down slightly to just under a third. Interestingly though, there is good support for restrictions on the most polluting vehicles. 59% support the introduction of charges for cars entering the areas with the poorest air quality.

You can see drivers in your region’s biggest concerns on the RAC’s interactive map.