Young drivers are statistically more likely to become involved in an accident than those with more experience, and the stats don’t look good. The young are passing their tests and are expected to get straight out on the road with no more experience than passing a test with someone who is right there next to them, feet at the ready.  

No one will be following in a car to ensure the safety of their student for the next several months while they learn the true nature of our country’s perilous roads and the millions of other drivers overloading them. 17-24 year olds are much more likely to have catastrophic accidents that could mean serious injuries and even death – something they may have to live with for the rest of their lives.

The ability to observe accidents, should they happen, would help young drivers to understand what had occurred and put them in a position to learn, experience and be able to get back on the road with respectful confidence – ultimately shaping their experience for a better understanding. This is something we should be taking very seriously.

With a serious situation, we need a serious app. 4Sight is not just for the young but can benefit them more than most with insurance premiums increased due to the rise of accidents involving inexperienced drivers.

The app is a dash cam of sorts but offers unique video footage of before and after any accident. The device will send a GPS signal and the video footage to a 4sight advisor who can watch what has happened and alert the authorities. If the accident is minor, a telephone call will be put through to the driver and they will be asked some questions before helping them through a procedure created by 4Sight to collect as much information about the accident as possible and helping the driver stay calm and as cared for as possible.

The app will be a major tool in keeping our young adults safer on the road should an accident happen. For just 99 pence a month, for the app and services, it would be easier not to take advantage of all the benefits provided by 4Sight.