Horrific Car Crash Kills Mother & Her Two Young Children

In the news recently, Devon and Cornwall Police confirmed that two young children and their mother were killed in a horrific car crash as they drove home from their summer holiday in Devon.

The family were driving towards Barnstaple on the 31st of July at around 08:25 BST, when the emergency services were alerted to a call that came through regarding a woman’s car colliding with an oncoming Mark’s & Spencer’s delivery lorry, near Landkey Junction on the A361.

The woman’s husband witnessed the impact from another car following from behind, as the dramatic event unfolded in front of his eyes.

What was meant to be a family break away to Devon, turned into a disaster on the A361. Unfortunately, this is not the only case of deaths on Britain’s roads – accidents are happening everyday with little in the way of prevention towards this.

It was also revealed recently that another woman and two children are in hospital after a crash on the same stretch of the North Devon Link Road on Sunday – fortunately escaping with their lives still intact on this occasion.

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