Is there anything worse than sitting in traffic? Not moving, not going anywhere, stuck in the same place and generally becoming more and more frustrated the longer you’re sat in neutral – Not to mention the prospect of probably being absolutely desperate to go to the toilet!

A long wait for the traffic to get moving can cause one to arrive late for work, it might even make you late for your new date with Priscilla from the cut price butchers who had that leg of lamb for you!

Sitting in traffic is one of those extremely unpleasant experiences we have to go through, causing stress and aggression to other drivers or even those sat in the same vehicle as you – whether you’re stuck in traffic as a driver or merely just a disgruntled passenger, a bit of road rage at the wheel is never good.

The one positive you can take from a jam on the road is the fact it’s not only you suffering – congestion is happening everywhere – Drivers spend an average of ten extra days sitting in their cars over the course of a year due to congestion.

Research by Admiral showed that the cities of London, Manchester, Bristol and Glasgow came unwillingly on top for congestion, with travel times being compared through various routes into the centres of 13 major cities.

Figures revealed the full picture of congestion across the country. The research uncovered that many hours were lost by drivers on their way to work on a Monday morning, compared to a quiet Sunday afternoon in the city.

The research put into perspective that the risk of more accidents and bumps in the road, can occur during rush hour than at any other time of day – but how can you protect yourself against this?

Luckily for you, The 4Sight Dash Cam App is designed to help you prove what happened in a dreaded incident. For example, the advanced 4Sight app can protect you from a fellow driver misjudging the speed of the traffic and grinding to a halt – in turn impacting on your vehicle and your safety.

There will be no case of ‘their word against mine’ – 4Sight uses your phones internal sensors to detect a sudden impact, giving you the solid evidence you may need. The accident capture tutorial will guide you on what images you will need to capture.

As a result, your worries will be made easier with a 4Sight advisor guiding you through on what needs to be done and check on any safety risks – From the moment of impact your phone takes a note of the GPS location alerting our advisors to your whereabouts.

As much as we’d all like to avoid a dreaded traffic jam spoiling our day, you can’t avoid the fact that the 4Sight app is the best of it’s technology currently on the market – for as little as 99p a month you could be preventing yourself from big-payouts.

The 4Sight app is available for download today, you can get it on Google Play for your Android device or alternatively download via The App Store – Don’t miss out on an excellent piece of technology that could change your life for the better!