Car Damage Recording

There is always a chance of an accident on the road, and without the usefulness of car damage recording systems, you may lose out on compensation!

As is the way of cars, without evidence and witnesses, in the case of a crash, it will be your word against theirs, which is in no way ideal if they were at fault.

Normally there will be witnesses, but often times you will need more, and the car damage recording systems also referred to as dash cams are exactly what you need. As this allows you to have vital evidence that can win you your case, as recorded evidence is almost always the best type of evidence around!

Of course, finding a dash cam that is the best for your needs can be difficult, with there being so many different types with different specs at vastly different prices, which is why we will help you pick the right dash cam for your needs.

Ultimately, you need something that records in a high quality, with a good enough framerate to be able to truly see what is happening, the problem is that quality and price correlate to the stage where a good dash cam is probably going to be around the £150 mark.

Thats where Get 4 Sights comes in! With its truly unique process and style, you can get all of the features (and more!) of a normal dash cam for a significantly lower price. 4Sight is only 99P/MO and works by being a phone app that takes advantage of all the features your phone has to be a truly high end and convenient dash cam service, all without the added weight and worry of an electrical product going wrong!

Many people adore our product! Patricia from mookie Pets had this to say:

“As someone who drives around the UK quite often on business, having a dash cam that is as cheap, effective and reliable as 4Sight has been so helpful, and as such i would 100% recommend them to everyone who is in need of a dash cam

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car damage recording system by 4Sight


So if you are in need of a car damage recording system, then 4Sight is for you, so why not get it now on the IOS and Android store!