Get 4 Sights

Get 4 Sights is the company behind the fantastic 4Sight dash camera, this is an app on your phone that could potentially save your life!

How does 4Sight save your life? find out below:

  • Dash cam – As a dash camera, it can record your driving and as such, if an accident was to happen it would be recorded. All dash cams do this, but our dash cams go above and beyond that, as on a hit you will be called by our team to check that you are okay and to get a courtesy car if you need it!
  • Accident Detection – 4Sight can detect an accident via your phones in built internal sensor, allowing it to know when you have had an accident.
  • Fraud Detections – Video footage is the best way to prevent crash for cash scams and our experienced advisers have helped thousands in this situation.
  • Location Capture – At the moment of impact your phone takes a note of the GPS location.
  • Damage Capture – The accident capture tutorial will guide you on what images you will need to capture.
  • Details Capture – The accident capture tutorial will also guide you on the information you will need to gather.

As you can see from the above, Get 4 Sights is a company you want to back with the 4Sight app itself having the potential to save lives!