Dash Cam – A 4Sight Fundamental

What makes 4Sight a fantastic tool for all drivers is that while it does many amazing things that most Dash Cams cannot, it still sticks to the roots by being a fantastic dash cam that can easily and effectively Record your journey just like a normal Dash Cam!

So its more than a dash cam… What Else Can It Do?

facebookmeta - Dash Cam - A 4Sight Fundamental
Much more than a Dash Cam!

Were Glad you asked! if features:

Accident Protection by using your phones in build impact sensor we can determine any sudden impacts and inform the relevant parties accordingly.

Fraud Protection thanks to its ability to turn your device into a Dash Cam and using its high megapixel camera to its fullest potential, you can get all the video footage you need. Video footage is the best way to prevent crash for cash scams and our experienced advisers have helped thousands in this situation.

Location Capture that will automatically take a note of your GPS location whenever your phone detects impact.

Damage Capture in the form of a tutorial that will guide you on what images you will need to capture for maximum effectiveness in your case.

Details Capture that help with accident capture! The accident capture tutorial will also guide you on the information you will need to gather.

4Sight is a fully cloud based and cloud driven accident protection program that thanks to the above features will help to keep you safe and report on all incidents, giving you and your loved ones peace of mind!

Like the sound of what you see? The app is currently in development buy you can be kept in the loop:

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