Zurich & Enterprise are facing the prospect of a big payout, after a Hyundai Tucson was driven by terrorist Khalid Masood – Killing 4 people and PC Keith Palmer in the attacks at The Westminster Bridge and The Houses of Parliament in March.

As a result of the unfortunate but deliberate mindless attack on London, Zurich face the hard reality of unprecedented payouts to those left with critical and life-changing injuries. Not to mention Masood’s continued plan of havoc across the city – trying to mow down around 50 people in the horrendous plot.

London Bridge and a Finsbury Park Mosque were also used as examples of what extremist groups are capable of, rented vans were used in these similar attacks – triggering the Police to put a potential plan of action together.

Radoslav Petrov, who was a witness to the attack, was able to record the aftermath of the London Bridge incident via his in-car mobile camera device, showing victims being treated by paramedics – after three terrorists hired a Transit Van, subsequently murdering seven innocent people in their wake.

Perhaps you have experienced or witnessed an atrocity or a simple car accident, but didn’t have the technology at the time to help prove what has happened rightfully or wrongfully – this is where a 4Sight dash cam app comes in.

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The revolutionary app technology can prove that you were in the right by driving through that green light, or that the other driver went through a stop sign before hitting you like a bull in a china shop.

A brilliant feature to the App is the Accident Capture Tutorial will guide you on what images you will need to capture in the event of an incident, as well as gathering details such as your location – where an advisor will be alerted to your video and help you to safety.

The core function of the 4Sight app is to provide an impartial record of what the driver could see in the moments leading up to an accident, so why hesitate?

While Zurich and Enterprise will be finding it difficult dealing with huge pay-outs, the only payment that will be going out for you is the cheap as chips price of 99p a month – this will in-turn eradicate any potential big pay-outs of your own.

The 4Sight app can be downloaded via Google Play or The App Store on iTunes. Don’t make the mistake of not protecting yourself in Britain today.