If you haven’t yet booked a well deserved holiday away, then perhaps a holiday where you can enjoy your independence going where and when you want is the one for you this summer – However, are you brave enough to take on the challenge of the foreign roads?

If you have a fear of flying or choose not to jump on an aeroplane for your break away during the holiday season this year, the perfect way to jet off somewhere nice and explore is to head off in your own motor!

Via the Channel Tunnel you can hop in your car and visit all types of countries within europe, traveling through the mountains of northern Italy, taking in the stunning views – if this is something you would be open to.

Perhaps venturing into France where a trek up the Eiffel Tower in the daytime and appreciating the Paris nighttime scenery, is something you have always dreamed of ticking off your bucket list – Just don’t do what Cyndi Lauper did, when she ‘Drove All Night’!

Wherever your destination may be this summer, driving abroad can pose risks. Not having been familiar with the roads abroad can come as quite a shock for a British tourist – especially if you’re driving down the wrong side of the road!

Motor insurance claims from holiday-making Britons abroad have soared by 160 per cent over the last five years, there’s also bad news if you’re a Londoner in your thirties driving a Volkswagen Golf on holiday in France – because you’re most at risk of having an accident abroad, says new research from motor insurer Admiral.

Whether you drive your VW Golf round the Borough of London and love the delicacy of Pie and Mash, knowing the chorus to ‘Knees Up Mother Brown’ is irrelevant. But what is relevant is helping yourself to avoid the dangers foreign roads pose with the aid of 4Sight’s revolutionary app.

A 4Sight Dash Cam app could be pivotal to you gaining the all important information, re-assurance and proof you need if an accident were to occur on your holiday abroad, an accident advisor will be on hand immediately as an accident happens to provide help and comfort – something that other products on the market simply don’t do.

Even in the UK it’s hard to tell whether an accident is simply that – an accident – or an act of fraud. You can protect yourself from these kinds of cash scams abroad easily with a 4Sight Dash Cam app.

Our Dash Cam app can locate you to an advisor where they have helped thousands of drivers out in the past, capturing any damage and details that you will need to help you stand a chance of making your claim while on holiday.

Hopefully this doesn’t happen to you and you have a no-hassle, enjoyable trip. However, knowing that 4Sight is able to help can be your much needed re-assurance as you drive off into the sunset.

The 4Sight app is not just a camera it is a piece of mind and for 99p a month it’s affordable and beneficial to your safe driving experience!

Download the 4Sight mobile app for Android through Google Play and iTunes today!