If you were on the forecourt of your local Car Dealership recently, shopping for a new car in the months of April, May and June. It seems you might have had the pick of the best available, as UK Car Sales fell for the third consecutive month in June.

It appears that the idea of a new car didn’t sit well with everyone, due to the current climate of uncertainty. The need for a new car clearly wasn’t one of great desperation, as car sales fell by 4.8% year on year last month to 243,454, following an 8.5% drop in May and a 19.8% slide in April, according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT).

This certainly put those attractive convertibles to the back of your mind, the ones we wish we all had if money was like leaves on trees. You can just imagine jumping in your car (literally) on your driveway; roof down, sun blazing, sunglasses on – as you give the royal wave to a disgruntled Mr Bassett opposite.

Unfortunately, as much as that would really put the neighbourhood cat amongst the pigeons, a reasonably priced car is sometimes the way forward. The top three ranked cars purchased in the month of June were the VW Golf, Ford Fiesta and Ford Focus.

“Demand for new cars has started to cool following five consecutive years of solid growth but the numbers are still strong and the first half of the year is the second biggest on record,” said Mike Hawes, the SMMT chief executive.

“Provided consumer and business confidence holds, we expect demand to remain at a similarly high level over the coming months.”

Buying your reasonably priced car on a budget is something all of us will consider when the time is right and your finances allow you to make the change or upgrade to something a little better, the last thing you will want is something to go wrong.

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