Car Location Capture | A 4Sight Feature

If you are looking for a high quality, convenient and efficient car location capture system, then 4Sight is the best tool for you!

What do we mean when we refer to “car location capture”? Its quite simple actually, it is a system that records your cars location via GPS, with 4Sight doing so during a crash. This is done so, if you have an accident, we know where you are if emergency services or a mechanic is needed in the area, this means that 4Sight could potentially save you or your loved ones life!

4Sight does far more than just that though! 4Sight is also a dedicated dash cam that can record potentially vital evidence for your case, with it being so efficient as to sense when you have had a bump, it will check and if it is a real crash, call you straight away, 4Sight is truly as efficient as that!

Of course, while 4Sight from above already shows its usefulness and why you need to get it, we can tell you one thing that makes it a far better and more viable product…

4Sight runs from your phone!

Thats right! 4Sight is powered by your phone, it will use your phones camera and sensors to become quite probably the highest quality dash cam you can possibly get! For example, most phones nowadays record at around 1560×1440 pixels at a frame-rate of 60fps (frames per second), and for a dash cam that can record at that quality,  you would be looking at around £250, 4Sight is only 99p a month!

If this all sounds great to you, then why not get in touch to learn more?

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4Sight , the ultimate car location capture system