Accident Detection For Vehicles

There are many different types of Accident Detection For Vehicles available, but when you see 4Sight, you will see that not all are created equal!

So, before we begin, a definition; Accident Detection For Vehicles generally refers to tools or systems that can detect when an accident happens with a vehicle, on paper it is pretty self explanatory, but the technicals can vary, most accident detection systems rely on on sensors in the device to detect a bump in the vehicle…

4Sight does this, as this is the best possible way of detecting a crash, but, if it only did that then it wouldn’t be truly special.

4Sight is also a fully fledged dash cam, that can record at up to 4K Resolution at 60 Frames Per Second, for 99p a month!

How does it do this? how can it cost less than a coffee at your local Starbucks? How can it record so effectively?

Thats simple actually, 4Sight utilises all of the built in functionality of your phone! A simple concept, that actually helps to revolutionise not just the way you use your phone for safety and accident detection, but could even succeed in turning the entire dash cam industry on its head.

This is thanks to the fact that 4Sight has all the features of both the accident detection system as well as your conventional dash cam, as well as many more great tools and processes that put it far above the competition.

An example: When you have a collision, 4sight will send the recorded footage to a real person who will analyse if the collision was an actual crash or just going over, say, a speedbump a bit too quickly, and if it sees that it is an accident, then you will get a call asking whether you need any help, how helpful is that!

If you want to get this amazing app, then it is available on Google Play and IOS!

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Accident Detection For Vehicles by 4Sight