Accident Detection Systems

Nowadays, accident detection systems are almost necessary, this is because of how it can help minify the risks on the road. If you crash then this system can help to keep you safe, by checking in, calling any relevant authorities and ensuring you are as safe as possible.

With the above being said, some accident detection systems are better than others, which is why you should keep the below in mind:

  • price – While arguably the least important thing when it comes to your safety, since you are literally buying protection and life saving tools,  but some accident detection systems can cost ridiculous amounts, with some costing thousands, or some having a monthly subscription of £20+. 4Sight is different, it costs 99p a month and has no hidden fees! This makes it by far the most cheap service on the market.
  • service – the quality of service obtained during a stressful time can make or break a service, we at 4Sight understand that only top notch service and support will do in the event of a crash.
  • courtesy car – if an accident detection system has an avenue to get a free courtesy car on a crash, then you have found  great system! Of course we offer one to help make your life easier, all for 99p a month!
  • features – what can the system in mind do? what can it do that puts it above and beyond a standard and fairly conventional dash camera? 4Sight has all of the features that put it far above the rest, upon a bump/crash, we will check the recorded information to see whether it was a case of being just a bump, and if not then we will call you, asking whether you want a courtesy car or emergency services, if not then we will let you be on your way, allowing for a seamless process.

As you can see 4Sight has all the features you need in the best accident detection systems, and for a price of 99p, its definitely worth having a further look.

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