Accident Detection – A 4Sight Feature

When you look at most dash cameras, they will never feature an accident detection system, this is what makes 4Sight different.

4Sight is far, far more than your conventional dash cam, and has for more useful features that put it above and beyond its competition!

Obviously, one of the great things is the accident detection system that is build into 4Sight, this means that you have the extra security when compared to just  the dash cam on its own. The accident detection uses your phones internal sensor when when something like a bump happens, or anything that the sensor picks up as erratic, the footage is viewed by a real person, and if the footage shown is safe and just a bad speed bump, then it is ignored; if it is an actual crash, then you are called to ask if you are okay and if emergency services is needed.

twittermeta2 1024x512 - Accident Detection - A 4Sight Feature
4Sight: The ultimate accident detection dash cam around!

Of course there is far more to 4Sight than just that, for example the app has full guides, these guides helping you to ensure that all the needed information is gathered, for insurance and more, in the event of a crash, and does so in a way that makes the process as simple and convenient as possible for all parties involved.

Did we mention that all of this is from your phone? thats right! Why carry another piece of technology for recording when your car has all the equipment needed? and thanks to this it only costs 99p per month! compared to the hundreds many other dash cams can cost.

so if you think this sounds good, you can get it now on Android and IOS and if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch!