4Sight – Much more than just a Dash Camera

Saying that 4Sight is just a Dash Camera is the same as saying a seat-belt is just a strap, while it is somewhat correct you are giving the item a disservice.

Can a normal Dash Camera detect an impact and from there start recording? Can it detect an impact and then use GPS to detect where the car is at that specific moment? Can it save you tons of money by being a phone app?

And that, ultimately is what separates 4Sight from its competitors: 4Sight takes advantage of your phones internal camera, storage and GPS to transform the smartphone into a high end dash camera, but at a fraction of the price. Further more with an immediate alert given to a centralised help centre the instant an accident occurs, allows 4Sight to provide essential help and assistance, while still at the scene of the accident.

The law dictates that to have your phone either in your hand or on your lap is an offence, with a hefty fine and 6 points attached to prove the point. However mount your phone and use it as a dash cam, converts this offence into a real driver aid. Normally phones in cars are considered a risk, but with 4Sight, you turn that risk into a tool that can help to save your life!

Alongside 4Sight is 4Sight plus which is a fantastic cloud based accident protection system based on the same concept behind 4Sight, but with the addition of being able to add clients/staff to your own dedicated account. For fleet operators or employers, 4Sight plus can provide blanket cover for multiple vehicles at a fraction of the cost of conventional dash cams or telematic devices.

4sightplusfullcropped - 4Sight – Much more than just a Dash Camera